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Student Assembly - "I CAN DO IT!"

Students will be entertained by Buford Popadopolis and the counselors of "Camp CanDo"! They will help cheer Buford on as he makes his way from one camp activity to the next; struggling each step of the way until he finally sees that his attitude is what is holding him back. Students will witness how believing in themselves and having an "I CAN DO IT" attitude can help them succeed in life.

"Camp CanDo" is filled with a lot of laughter and positive attitude building. Students will love Buford and the counselors. The skit is loaded with fun, songs, and attitude adjusters! Invite Buford to help your students believe they "CAN DO IT"! (Grades: 2-5)

Keynote Address

Laughter, songs, skits, and audience participation will be our venue to drive home the concepts of brain research and differentiation. From beginning with the audience singing and dancing to the rewritten version of "I'm a Believer" until the closing when they are again on their feet singing and dancing, the audience will learn about, and be involved in, activities that will reach both sides of their students' brains, show how to use differentiation and why it's important, and help students to gain a love for learning.

Many characters will, from time to time, make an appearance on stage: Noun Nerd and Adjective Ace, The Grammar Guru, Julia "No Child Left Behind", Mathnut the Magician, The Denominator, as well as an entourage of many others. Even David Learningman will appear to spout his top 10 list. The audience will dance to the division Electric Slide, and unsuspecting volunteers will be brought up to help explain why differentiation is needed for our students. The audience will not just learn about brain research; they will practice it!

As our jobs become more and more demanding, and we need to take on the roles of more and more people, we need to be reminded of the reasons we became teachers in the first place. We need to approach teaching with an "I CAN DO IT!" attitude, and we need to remember that we are the ones who touch lives every single day. We can create a believer with a positive smile, a caring word, or a gentle touch. We have the power to "Get up and make it happen!" We just need the encouragement, knowledge, and motivation to do it! So, as Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right!" and we can!

Active Learning, Setting the Stage for Success

Do you need practical strategies that will improve students' leaning while motivating them to want to learn? See how brain research coupled with active learning, song, movement, and humor can create prime conditions for student success. Learn how to raise student achievement scores through a variety of innovative strategies. (Grades: 4-8)

Preparing Your Students for the MCAs

Attitude is everything when it comes to preparing your students for success on the MCAs and testing in general. We can show you strategies to help students remember information when in a stressful situation such as testing. We can also provide you with ideas that make learning fun and meaningful for students. So, bring your positive attitude and be prepared to learn, laugh, and love every minute of this class! (Grades: 3-8)

Laugh at Math

Do you need help getting your students to love math? Let us show you how to make math fun and interesting. We can teach you songs, dances, and raps that will have your kids howling for more. This class can show you how to help kids store logical math concepts in both sides of the brain, helping students to better remember concepts. We'll have you up and moving to keep your brain in motion. So, bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to R.A.P. yourself in this fun filled class. (Grades: 3-8)

To Differentiate or Not to Differentiate, That is the Question!

How do you reach every learner, accommodate for every learning style, and reach every student at their level? Teaching is difficult and it only gets more difficult as time goes on. We can provide you with ideas on how to differentiate your curriculum to make it meaningful for all learners. We will give you ideas, activities, and a new attitude about meeting the needs of your class no matter where they are when they come to you! Be prepared to work and laugh. (Grades: 2-8)


Our programs are designed to fit the needs of each individual school. The lengths vary depending upon those needs. When you request a program, we will work with you to design it to benefit all members of your community!

Programs are loaded with information, activities, and ideas that can be implemented immediately. They also include a ton of side splitting humor! No minute is wasted no moment passes without involvement and laughter!

Pricing is dependent upon the program type. Prices run $400 for a one hour presentation, and $200 for each additional hour. Mileage, meals, and lodging (if necessary) will be charged. Student assemblies (45-60 minutes in length) are priced the same. Please call for exact quotes.

  Quotes from Inservices

  We can personalize our workshops to meet the needs of your staff.

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